What a week! Can’t believe I had to say this again but the speed and volatility at which markets have dropped are nothing like what most people in the markets have experienced.

If you have holding power and are freaking out, here are some reads for you.

If you don’t have holding power and are freaking out, you should.

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Estimating Future Stock Returns, December 2019 Update (The Aleph Blog)

David Merkel’s model says that a buying opportunity is starting to emerge.

When Will Stocks Recover? (Morningstar)

Imho, still a little early to be putting out this headline but it gives a good overview of the kind of sentiment to look out for when expecting a recovery.

What If You Buy Stocks Too Early During a Market Crash? (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Ben Carlson runs a thought experiment. As for me, I find these times a good test of your investment plan. If your investment plan survives when all this is over, you’ll probably want to keep this play for future reference.

Financially Independent at 35 in an Unfortunate Way and It Can Happen To You Too (Dr. Wealth)

My only takeaway from this is the old adage of how more money is lost reaching for yield than at the point of a gun.