This is a starter guide to investing. Not equities, not bonds, not real estate but just a primer/guide to investing. What can you learn here that you can’t learn anywhere else? Absolutely nothing. There are plenty of other free resources that may do a better job than what you learn here.

In that case, what’s the point of all this?

  1. This is a record of my investment philosophy and tools. In other words, this is mostly for my records so that when I refer back to what I’ve said, I can see whether the records validate what I’ve said or not. In other words, don’t expect this guide to be perfect. I expect to update or modify this as my investment journey goes ahead.
  2. I invest primarily in Singapore. Therefore, quite a few examples will be based on the investing environment here in Singapore. There are other investment and personal finance blogs that come from the Singaporean perspective and I would highly recommend some of them so I am not unique in this sense.
  3. Financial literacy is a skill people really need to learn.

Note: I’m not a licensed financial advisor and anyway, any examples I might use may be appropriate at the time of writing but circumstances can vary from person to person and circumstances can change. In other words, you may draw lessons from the principles but DO NOT take any points or examples as a trigger for action.

Getting Started

  1. Why invest?
  2. What are my choices?
  3. What should I read?

***More to come***