Looks like it’s still some way to go before we remove Covid-19 restrictions in Singapore.

Photo by Mikes Photos on Pexels.com

I Collect Cashflows
(The Reformed Broker)

Josh Brown takes the boomer investment model and wraps it up in Gen-Z crypto speak. Thoroughly hilarious.

Inflation Scares in an Uncharted Recovery
(IMF blog)

IMF is calling it. Let’s see if they’re right.

We forecast in our latest World Economic Outlook that higher inflation will likely continue in coming months before returning to pre-pandemic levels by mid-2022, though risks of an acceleration do remain.

Why Xi is screwing Evergrande
(Thoughts of a cynical investor)

The big question is whether screwing Evergrande is going to lead to a housing nuclear fallout in China?

Why Very Successful Civil Servants Favor Low Variability in their Career Outcomes
(Investment Moats)

I won’t profess to know the why but as a public servant, I can emphatically say that civil and public servants are indeed attracted to low variability. I think it’s in our nature.

The funny thing is that for the few who recognise that the job has such bond-like qualities, they tend to embrace higher volatility in their investments and they have done pretty well.

In dry California, some buy units that make water from air
(abc news)

Via Collaborative Fund.

Have we tried this in Singapore? Our humidity here is off the charts. Should make for a better source than California.