Happy National Day long weekend! The coming monday’s a public holiday because we’re celebrating Singapore’s 56th birthday or more accurately, Singapore’s 56th year as an independent country. I hope you’re having a good break.

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My Investing Nightmare
(Of Dollars and Data)

Nick Maggiulli’s post is a great reminder that the performance of the US markets has been as perfect as it gets. It’s also a great reminder that our home bias may kill us.

The Need for Precision in an Uncertain World – SWR Series Part 46
(Early Retirement Now)

Another great piece that extends ERN’s series on Safe Withdrawal Rates (SWR). ERN has looked at the data of SWRs vs. the CAPE PE. Of course, this depends greatly on the CAPE PE having as much predictive or explanatory power for returns as it used to but based on ERN’s analysis and the current CAPE PE levels in the US, it appears that a safe SWR is a low one.

It started because he went to watch the sunrise. Now he’s a trusted confidant to strangers each morning from his bench.
(Washington Post)

Great story. I used to have my morning coffee at pretty much the same spot at my workplace and it was through this that I ended up having coffee while many colleagues had their breakfast. This helped me make many friends among colleagues or at least it helped me understand some of my colleagues on a more personal level.

I know some colleagues were afraid of being seen having leisurely conversations in the morning for fear of looking like they were slacking of but I think this one simple act helped me get a lot of work done.