Bugger me….another late “Best Reads”.

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Shifting Balance of Power?
(The Big Picture)

A macroeconomic forecast for the USA? I also like how anecdotes were used as a story for the times. This is really how I think economics should be learned rather than through the heavy use of indicators that laymen find difficult to interpret.

Those reindeer are good
(Klement on Investing)

This is pretty funny. I wonder if the list of stocks that the Dartmouth researchers presented was equally distributed. Or were the momentum names featured more heavily in the list?

S’pore Retailer Naiise Has Ceased Operations – Founder To File For “Personal Bankruptcy”
(Vulcan Post)

Is this guy just a lousy operator or did he pilfer the till for his own gains as some have alleged? Time to take out the popcorn…

Why is there a paucity of political leadership in SG?
(Sudhir TV)

This was the news of last week. Sudhir always gives good commentary on the state of local politics. This is no exception.