Sorry! No “Best Things” last week because I was busy with something.

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The Dumbest Financial Story of 2021

A commentary on the Archegos blowup which is undoubtedly the Wall Street story of the week. The markets pretty much treated it a non-event and the S&P500 is now at an all-time high above 4000.

Brutal truths about Modern Dating in Singapore
(Growing your tree of prosperity)

Christopher Ng’s hilarious mental model of dating in SG. Worth a read.

(The Reformed Broker)

Really important post. I have a group of colleagues and friends where we occasionally talk about investing and personal finance and the I always tell them that the most important thing I’ve learned is to know which game you’re playing.

Someone made 1000x returns on a stock or crypto by doing a YOLO trade? Good for them. I’m not about to tell them about the virtues of diversification or that the result of their trade is more luck than skill.

Someone in the office trying to work behind the scenes to get somewhere higher up in the world? By all means, go ahead. I’m not in the office because I’m trying to ascend the ranks for fame and glory.

Know the game you’re playing and play your own game.