Slow week. But there volatility seems to be picking up in the markets.

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My parents said you can never lose money buying properties in Singapore. They were wrong. (Dr. Wealth)

This is what every generation thinks of real estate—and what each has spent on it (Fortune)

Fortune article is behind a paywall but the chart there is the moneyshot. Anyway, point of those two articles is to counter the often-held belief that you can’t go wrong with property.

As with any asset class, market cycles matter.

How Millennials Can Close the Generational Wealth Gap (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Linking to this not so much because of Ben Carlson’s advice for millennials on what to do about the Generational Wealth Gap.

I’m linking to it because I think it highlights something we also see here in Singapore. A generational wealth gap that explains why those in their 40s and below feel this sense of injustice about many things.

Imagine being told that your life will turn out great if you study hard and do well in school only to find out that what used to be true no longer works and the future looks even more uncertain than before.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation (Benabou, R and Tirole, J)

I find this utterly fascinating because I have motivation problems.