Happy Easter Sunday! It’s a long weekend here in Singapore but it doesn’t really matter much for those on us that are working from home because we’re not considered essential services.

Sorry for not reads last week as it was a little bit of a mad rush getting ready (mentally!) to be cooped up at home for April.

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Words of Wisdom From William Bernstein (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Great interview with a legend. I read Bernstein’s book “The Investor’s Manifesto” and it is one of the better books on investing out there. Check out Ben Carlson’s interview with him.

When Dollar Cost Averaging Matters the Most (A Wealth of Common Sense)

I’ve always said that DCA is a fad that many people (even those that purport to be personal finance experts) get wrong. However, there is one situation where DCA works and that is when the market is heading south. This is one of those times.

Otherwise, most people are better off investing a lump sum and having a read on valuations.

The S&P 500 is mostly concerned with duration (chart) (The Reformed Broker)

Good point.

Economic Policies for the COVID-19 War (IMF Blog)

Quite interesting to see how IMF thinks of the current state of the economy. Basically, it seems like they are preparing for war.