Been another wild week for the markets. Thankfully, we’re getting into the calm season as far as work is concerned.

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Feeling scared already? It’s not even a Bear Market yet! (Early Retirement Now)

I’m not sure about others but this is fairly early days if there is a major drop coming. If you can’t even take the volatility that we’ve seen in the markets the last few days, then you must be either (a) too young to remember how the markets were in ’08-09/ ’11-’12 or even ’15-16, or (b) you’re in the wrong game.

Markets will remain volatile as long as human incentives and behaviour are at stake. We can program the robots to do the tasks of trading and interpreting or even creating new signals but as long as the money belongs to humans, you can be sure that human behaviour will drive markets.

Why are young people so jelly about my Financial Independence? (Growing your tree of prosperity)

I’m not really sure why other people would be jealous of people who have been there and done that. Shouldn’t these people act as perfect examples of those who prove that what others think is impossible is actually possible?

I suspect that haters and disbelievers don’t want to confront the evidence in front of them because that would be an acknowledgement of their failure of imagination.

However, one should always be cautious. If you hear of someone getting rich quick through some clever scheme, the next thing you should ask for is evidence that it works. Typically, the scheme will have some stories of success so the next question to ask is “how likely is this scheme going to guarantee continued success?”

I suspect that it’s at this juncture that many investment/trading workshops out there will fail.

Xia suay: life insurance makes a person want to die isit? (Thoughts of a Cynical Investor)

My thoughts exactly.

The PAP government is pretty efficient and good when it comes to most things. Take, for example, how they’ve handled the Covid-19 issue in Singapore. Even if you are firmly in the opposition camp, you must give them credit for being able to marshal the necessary public resources in order to keep the situation in Singapore relatively contained.

However, whenever it comes to issues of social welfare, it seems that they have a imaginary bogeyman and to make matters worse, the figure in charge usually comes up with the lamest straw-man arguments.