Are we on the brink of a global pandemic or is the virus under control? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, your job as an investor is to ignore the noise and focus on what matters.

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The Actual Dividend Millionaires Of America (The Compound Investor)

Good example of when correlation doesn’t equal causation. However, the correlation between lack of dependents and getting rich isn’t exactly zero.

Income inequality in Singapore at lowest in almost two decades: SingStat (CNA)

Of course the stats don’t lie but the I don’t know why anyone hasn’t pointed out the biggest elephant in the room.

The median monthly household income which is close to $10,000 per month is high relative to many other countries, but at what cost? How many households would be able to reach the median if there was only one person working in the household?

No wonder Singaporeans aren’t reproducing.

The Biggest Problem in Finance? (A Wealth of Common Sense)

US example but broader points apply to Singapore as well.