Covid-19 is all the rage here in Singapore right now. But obviously the markets have been pretty much treating this as a non-event. I have quite a few more links this week if you have to stay home because of the virus.

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Great to Gone (Humble Dollar)

Great story. You may or may not agree with the diagnosis but you can most certainly feel for this guy. How many people can count their ancestors a few generations before as one of the wealthiest people in their country?

I personally witnessed this in my own life as the small business that my grandfather started has gone from start-up to stagnant to dead under the hands of the second generation.

Dollarisation would not save Argentina (Financial Times)

Great read for those into macroeconomic and monetary policy. It’s a subject very few appreciate and even fewer understand well. Unfortunately, it’s something that also affects many lives.

The Biggest Wealth Levers (A Wealth of Common Sense)

A great breakdown of what leads to wealth creation for individuals and households. The Millionaire Next Door is a classic and goes into too much detail (like the brand of cars and watches that most millionaires own) which can cause a loss of relevance in today’s context but the principles you can learn from there are timeless.

The Biggest Risk in Crypto Today (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Good points overall. And just like every financial scam out there, it preys on asymmetric information between those who understand finance and those who don’t.

However, finance isn’t rocket science. More people should be able to figure it out.

Why my purchase choices have the kiss of death (Tim Harford)

Really entertaining and funny read. I particularly like the phrase “harbinger of doom”. I must confess that I might be one of these people as well.