We’re into February! 2020 hasn’t been off to a good start. Let’s hope that the rest of the year fares a little better.

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Putting the Next Market Downturn into Perspective (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Good read on trying to time the market. BUT having said that, I feel that it’s a disservice to tell people to buy no matter what the conditions are. Those who have been in the markets long enough know that valuations can get expensive and markets can get irrationally exuberant. The trick is being able to tell when we’re in that situation.

Will the 2020s be the decade that the robots finally come for our jobs? (Tim Harford)

It’s the economic question of the times. Routine tasks are REALLY being automated away. The “admin”* colleagues in the office aren’t being replaced as the older ones retire. The younger ones are being trained in RPA so that they can set up routine data-entry tasks.

*Admin being the term for public servants who do the supporting grunt work like filing the paperwork amongst other routine tasks.

8.88% FD Interest! – This is how your parents came home from a bank with an unexpected investment (Investment Moats)

Fresh off Investment Moats. If this true, then POSB is really doing some false advertising. Offering interest rates of 8.88% is very different from the returns in a regular premium savings plan.

I planned to do a post on function over form and looks like that day has to come sooner rather than later.