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Age-Invariant Asset Allocation
(The Aleph Blog)

Asset allocation is probably one of the most important factors for any investor. A good take on what the equity to bond allocation should be. In Singapore, IF you have money in your CPF, you should count it as part of your fixed income/bond part of your portfolio too.

Based on joint salaries, what properties available
(Thoughts of Cynical Investor)

Table’s actually from AsiaOne (who’s probably syndicated it from somewhere) but really goes to show that it’s no wonder that Singaporeans aren’t having kids. With median monthly income of $4,563 in 2019, half of Singapore residents will be stretching it when paying for a 4-room HDB resale flat. For dual income households, your best bet is go for HDB.

Owning a Home is Not For Everyone
(A Wealth of Common Sense)

U.S. examples but some points still apply. I would argue that the odds get better the longer you stay in a certain locale and if property prices continue to track the inflation rate. Therefore, buying property to stay in a hedge against rent inflation.

Having said that, don’t be one of those people that buy a property to stay in, thinking that it’s going to be your pot of gold when you retire. You can’t always have your cake and eat it.