First weekend of 2020. Gotta make it count!

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Learning from Julian Richer (Investment Masters Class)

Dodgy website name and logo aside, it’s interesting how many business personalities there are that I’ve never heard of but yet have very interesting stories to share. I think I might pick up his latest book. Even more impressive is the fact that this man’s business is in one of the toughest industries (retail) and yet his stores ” hold the World Record for sales per square foot of any retailer in the world for over twenty five years “.

Why Is Everyone Busting Buffett’s Balls? (Global Macro Monitor)

Good read on how to interpret Berkshire’s decision to hoard cash. Having said that, markets could go higher.

Or maybe not. Since Trump decided to assassinate that Iranian military guy.

‘Nobody is winning’: businesses go cold on food delivery platforms (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Good read on the economics of the food delivery business. Turns out it helps restaurants make more revenue but less profit. It’s crazy how businesses can destroy value and yet be valued like unicorns.