It’s been a tough week at work. Tough not because I had a lot of things to do but tough because idle minds lead to idle thoughts and my idle thoughts led me to question whether my current job is what I’d be doing if I had options.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my job and I’m relatively good at it. The pay’s also decent and given my current lifestyle, if I keep at this job for the rest of my working life, my wife and I would easily be financially better off than 90% of all Singaporeans.

But it’s boring

The problem with my job is that it’s usually the “same shit, different day” kind of thing you hear with most dead-end jobs. Many of us didn’t join for career progression but our bosses are kind of forced to ensure that we do something new all each year.

At the same time, people stuck in jobs like ours then to find interests beyond work.

Mine has come in the form of wanting to leave a legacy behind to help cats that get abandoned. Right now, cats that get rescued off the streets are usually placed in foster care which come at great cost to rescuers.

Rescuers have to bear large financial costs of bringing cats to the vet to ensure that they have no major health issues while they also tap on their own network of fosterers. If there are no fosterers, rescuers then have to pay for boarding facilities.

I think there should be a better model.

I digress

The main point is that I’ve been feeling that my current job pays me great for the amount of work I have to do (although I’ve been made to do more stupid things lately.) but I’m pretty sure it’s not something I’m going to end up doing for the rest of my life.

It’s still too early to make an exit but the thought of doing more exciting things is a constant distraction from focusing to do the mundane things.

The gears are in motion…