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Cheap Money vs. Investor Psychology (A Wealth of Common Sense)

I’ve been saying this for a while (here and here) and I think WeWork is just another example of the times we live in. It’s funny how WeWork came up with their own metric to justify their valuations (or at least make their valuations seem less bad) but if you’ve read about what happened in the dot-com era, remember that at one point, analysts valued non-profitable tech companies on “eyeballs” (thank god the internet never forgets).

bItCoiN iS a SaFe hAvEn (The Reformed Broker)

‘Nuff said. Go read it for the takedown.

When Money Dies (Of Dollars and Data)

Great piece. Particularly on how The Market’s real returns in various countries is a better hedge against inflation than commodities like Gold. The article provides a logical and sensible take on what matters in the economy.

Krugman’s take on how Trump still doesn’t understand economics. Actually, at this point, I think everyone knows that Trump doesn’t understand much of anything except self-promotion.

But I particularly like Krugman’s take on how the U.S. has more to lose than China from the ongoing trade war.