Lots on the economic and investment front this week.

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Tesla’s Travails: Curfew for a Corporate Teenager? (Musings on Markets)

From Prof. Damodaran comes this wonderful piece on Tesla’s valuation. I don’t read it so much for the accuracy of what Tesla’s worth but more for the thought process and analysis on what Tesla’s value should be.

How Many Hours Of Work Does It Take To Buy The S&P 500? (Global Macro Monitor)

Interesting way to value the S&P 500. Essentially, the higher the ratio of the S&P 500 to the average hourly wage from work, the more richly valued the S&P 500 is as it takes more and more hours of work to buy the S&P 500.

However, the average investor probably does not earn the average weekly wage.

Institutionalized nonsense (The Grumpy Economist)

The economic perspective on why the US labelling other countries as “currency manipulators” is wrong on so many levels.