I did a similar post last year.

Wasn’t a long one but it was everything that I felt and still do.

7 years together is obviously nowhere near a lifetime and that’s where we eventually will be but still, I like to think that after 7 years of marriage and counting, we’ve both learned a few things.

I’ve mentioned it before but married life has truly made me a better person. Before marriage, I couldn’t cook, didn’t have to wash the dishes, clean the bathrooms, clean the sink, mop the floors, take care of a cat.

I also didn’t have to worry about how to comfort someone else who’s having a bad day or to worry about someone else’s future other than my own.

If the above sounds attractive or easy, it’s not. (Ok, other than cooking because I kind of enjoy it). While the things listed in the previous paragraph may sound like chores, it’s not exactly a bad thing is it?

In many areas of life, doing the easy thing is exactly the thing that keeps people in a rut. Think of the student who decides to go on to Netflix when he/she is supposed to be studying or the people who turn to some form of escape (like drugs or alcohol) when life gets tough. In many of those cases, avoiding the hard stuff precisely the problem.

Now, I’m not saying that people combating alcoholism or drug addiction can simply will it off. What I’m saying is that the initial decision to pursue the easier path is sometimes the cause of all our troubles. In the first place, if we embrace what is not necessarily the most attractive option, it may be better for us.

In short, when we should have listened when we were told to eat our vegetables. The funny thing is, over time, we can learn to love our vegetables.

And this is where my wife comes in. Unlike me, she knows the value of a disciplined mind and hard work. And she has the brains to back it up. All the best decisions in our marriage have come from her. The biggest one so far is to adopt Teddy, our lovely tabby cat who rightfully took his place as king of the house.

Growing up, I used to tell people that I had quite a bit of luck (with studies, exams, friends and all that). But even that was an underestimation given how lucky I am to have met my wife* and to for us to feel the same way about each other.

7 years and more to come.

*There really is some element of luck to this because I very nearly didn’t go to the university that I went to and if didn’t, I would have never have met my wife.