The Greatest Investor You’ve Never Heard Of: An Optometrist Who Beat The Odds To Become A Billionaire (Forbes)

Up till this point, I had never heard of Herb Wertheim either. Anyway, his is a fascinating story – clearly, a brilliant guy doing what he loves and accumulating money is just a byproduct of all that he’s sown. Just as amazing, he’s also pledged to give away almost all his money.

Setting the Record Straight on Asset Allocation (Enterprising Investor)

I’ve known about the “90% of investment returns come from asset allocation” story for a while now and was trying to restructure my portfolio based on that. Turns out there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to simple rules like that. In short, asset allocation is as important as strategic asset allocation.

The Easiest Retirement Choice (Of Dollars and Data)

Highly instructive post. You can quibble about how realistic the assumptions are (e.g. a 25-year retirement period) but it’s reasonably true for the median in the U.S.

As for how this applies to our sunny shores, those that like to bash the CPF should note that our savings rate thanks to forced contributions to CPF are something like 37% (including the employer contributions).

That’s a ridiculously high percentage for any retirement plan. Of course, the CPF (being a kiasee government body) only pays us bond-like rates so you’ll never get rich by relying on CPF alone. But at least, going by similar arguments made in the post, you won’t starve.

But of course, CPF fucked it up by letting people use so much of it for housing and for certain groups like homemakers who don’t work, they have to count on their spouses to remain loyal and faithful. The other group that doesn’t benefit from this are the low-income earners since they have fewer contributions to their CPF.