First “Best Reads” of the year. Hope this year will be another year of working towards your goals.

My 2018 Annual Expenses: $19,665 and Financial Security Musings (Investment Moats)

The OG financial blogger in Singapore’s review of his expenditure in 2018. The details aren’t important. What’s important is the fact that his expenditure only comes up to just under $20,000 in one year.

With that kind of expenditure, it’s very likely that Kyith never has to worry about much about money for the rest of his life. Why? Because he’s playing such good defence that it becomes a part of his habits and in the meantime, his portfolio will continue growing (even more if he continues working and saving) to such a point he will never have to work unless he wants to.

65 million. That’s how many apartments are empty in China. Even as a proportion of the total housing stock (20%), the numbers are staggering. You have to wonder whether the fall in the Chinese stock markets is really due to the Trade War with the U.S. or it’s a sign of a larger problem in the domestic economy.

I’m willing to bet that it’s the latter.

$10 Million Isn’t What it Used to Be (The Wealthy Accountant)

It’s only early days of 2019 but I’ve found another blog to follow.

A musing on how having more money than most people isn’t a life-changing event. It’s a first-hand account of how going from less money to more money doesn’t really change who you are.

And ironically, that’s how people get rich and stay rich.