So, I’ve been using the Spending Tracker for 69 days and I thought it’s time to do an update. If this is your first time hearing about the spending tracker, you may want to read this first.

First of all, my average daily spending has hovered around $50 per day. I’m not sure how major expenditures will affect this but it’ll be interesting to factor in given that I have a holiday to my favourite city in the world coming up in two months’ time.

Second, while my tracker (since it was meant for lazy people) doesn’t break down what I spend on each day, it’s become pretty apparent that days with low double-digits spending are days where I didn’t do much except go to work, have a simple lunch at the canteen or where I stayed at home. Days like these really bring the total spending down. I would imagine that 8 out of 10 days in financial freedom be like that.

Third, maybe it’s a competitive streak or something but it’s kind of irritating seeing days where I spend more than the average amount. Although I meant for the tracker to be agnostic towards spending, it’s certainly made me think twice before spending on something that I know will push the daily expenditure above the average. Of course, there are days where one big item (for example, paying the monthly parking fee of $110) will throw the entire figure above the average but such days are far and few.

That’s it from me. Do let me know if you have been using the tracker or if you experience similar feelings and thoughts when using a financial budgeting system.