It’s that time of the year once more. That traditionally festive period that many Chinese kids look forward to because of the traditional snacks they get to feast on and the sudden influx of cash that dutiful parents steadfastly help safe keep. Lucky kids get to spend some on a new toy or some candy.

I used to be a kid like that.

The part that I didn’t enjoy so much was having to meet and greet distant relatives that I hardly knew. I’m a classic introvert and making small talk with people I hardly know is one of the worst things that can happen to me. And the part I didn’t and still don’t understand is why I have to meet and greet people that I wouldn’t otherwise meet during the year. If I really wanted to meet you, I wouldn’t just wait till Chinese New Year to do so.

As an adult, it’s much worse. Snacking becomes controlled. You receive much less red packets than before. Worse still, the small talk is typically about issues where your best response is actually “What business of yours is it?”

However, I am committed to the ReLive project which is to make my life better and part of making one’s life better is leading a happier one. So, a strategy which I think is extremely useful, is to focus on the good things in the year to come.

  1. The missus is starting her new job early February and that should be interesting since there is a whole new environment to adjust to and the new job scope sounds interesting. I’m really looking forward to hearing about what she learns on that.
  2. The semester is coming to an end and that means the holiday period is going to come real soon. The missus and I have a trip planned to what is probably one of our favourite places in the world and it’ll be my first time visiting in spring.
  3.  I’m looking forward to baking more bread! My Kopitiam dinner rolls for Christmas were very successful. Now, I have to make sure I can replicate it over and over again. However, my white bread loaf in the week that followed wasn’t so good so a white bread loaf is something I really want to be able to do this year.
  4. My spending tracker‘s been showing me how much I spend on an average day and now that I have a handle of roughly how much my daily expenditure is, it might be fun to see how low I can bring that amount to and how sustainable that will be.
  5. I really want to do more IT-related projects this year. One project will be to come up with an automated stock valuation script which I hope to eventually incorporate into a “Buy/Sell” list of sorts. If it goes well, I’ll share it online. The second project will be on the hardware side which is a simple replacement of my laptop’s hard drive to an SSD.

CNY has its sucky points but I’ll keep an eye on getting these things done this year and it’ll be something I can talk to a few people about so that I won’t be working blind on those things.

Happy Chinese New Year!