I’ve really neglected this blog and many days late but as I’ve done each year, it’s time for the annual birthday post.

This year’s been a bizarre one. David Bowie’s gone. The UK’s left the EU. Philippines got a wacko president. The US is going to get one too.

But no matter what happens in the world, it’s always what’s around us that counts. 

I’m still at my job, educating future generations about the fundamentals of economics and sure, the school makes us do some very mundane things like paperwork and they have certain processes that could be automated or eliminated altogether but it pays the bills and the environment and colleagues are great.

The investment portfolio hasn’t gone so well this year thanks to how bad markets have been but hey, if things stay the way they are, then last year was arguably worse.

The more exciting thing that has happened this year is that my wife left her job. It’s the first one she’s had since she graduated from university and I know she loves the people (most of them at least) there but the whole place was just getting more and more caught up with red tape and protecting turfs that work started getting dreadfully inefficient.

Anyway, she left and we took over a tuition agency matching tutors to assignments. I’m not sure if she ever blames me for suggesting this idea but it seemed a good idea at the time. We’re making pretty decent money for the capital we put in but I know she still hasn’t gotten use to speaking with clients (especially that come across as particularly demanding or difficult).  She also takes each mistake made quite hard but that’s how she is- serious about every task no matter how small.

Because of that, she’s also been worried about our finances but so far, we’re good. We won’t starve but neither will we’ve living the high life. It’s actually not so hard to survive in Singapore. I think I could do it on roughly 3.5K a month if all I had to worry about was myself. And this includes enough for retirement.

Of course, life is about pushing one’s limits and in the coming year, I’m going to push those limits much more.

I can think of at least three areas – health, wealth and new skills.

I definitely need to get healthier. Recently, I’ve begun doing morning runs but that’s still pretty infrequent.  I need to get those in on a more regular basis like every other day or at least once every three days. That’s on top of my gym sessions which need to be at least once  a week.

As for wealth, I don’t want to make this an explicit goal but rather it should be a byproduct of something like picking up a new skill that I can freelance some stuff with or creating some little business that can be run in my spare time.

For skills, getting more proficient in coding would be something. Right now, I’m probably familiar enough with python to get other people’s packages to work for me. I need to get to the level where I can program enough to get it to do simple repetitive tasks for me. Also, trying to put together a machine would be awesome as I can get more bang for buck. That would also give me the chance to get more familiar with modifying systems.

My life is great and I really look forward to the next year.