So it’s been a crazy week. First, it’s the second of three back-to-back lecture weeks. Second, the wife has been very very upset over the increasingly vapid and inane tasks that she’s had to do at work. This morning, I find out that my grandmother has been missing for a good 13 hours. She was supposed to show up at a friend’s place in the evening the day before but never made it there despite calling her friend to say she was at the block but somehow she wasn’t able to get to her friend’s unit.

Thankfully, in the middle of deciding whether to take urgent leave, I find out that she’s managed to borrow a phone from someone to give my auntie a call. So, we manage to get to her but now the worry is she may be suffering from early onset of dementia or some other related kind of mental health issue that causes memory lapses since she insists that she was at home sleeping the entire night. My grandma’s definitely not going anywhere by herself in future. And if anyone out there has any tips on caring for elderly persons with mental health issues, please drop me a comment.

Anyway, that’s life. There are good times; And there are bad times. The same goes for dealing with the markets. I think chancing on the article on stoicism came at a good time because when dealing with everything that’s happened so far this week, I kept calm and asked myself a simple question,

What’s the one thing I can do right now to figure this out?

Most of the time, the answer I arrived at meant putting emotions aside to figure out what solutions I had. I also realised that the answer to trivial stuff, no matter how important it seemed to other people, was simply “idk” or “idgaf” because these things come and go and when I look back at my life 5 years hence, I might remember the emotions invested in them but I would hardly remember the event at all.

That really made me feel a whole lot better.