I normally don’t write on this kind of stuff but I read this article and given the things in my life right now, I thought it’s worth sharing.

Basically, the article advocates stoicism as a life-guiding principle. What is stoicism? In the words of the Trent Hamm (author of linked article):

I tend to think of stoicism as the separation between the way the world happens to be and my emotional response to it. In other words, I strive to separate the things I can control–my internal emotions and thoughts–from the things I cannot control–the rest of the world.

Now, the idea isn’t something new. I’ve come across the same idea in the philosophy (not the religion) of Buddhism as well as Viktor Frankl’s work. I don’t manage to follow this line of thinking all the time. Sometimes, my emotions get the better of me but upon reflecting, I tend to agree with the rationality of stoicism.