I totally forgot to update the PE10 last month so this will be a double update.

1 Oct 2015 (STI, PE10): 2801.85, 11.73x
1 Nov 2015 (STI, PE10): 2998.35, 12.54x

October was definitely a cheaper time to buy than now but the STI isn’t expensive by a long stretch. The only (immediate) worry is whether the Feds will really raise rates in December. With global growth slowing and inflation hardly on the radar, they still may put it off despite Janet Yellen’s warning. Even in the event that they do, I don’t see rate hikes as a bad thing for the markets. As it is, there won’t be a change in plans.

My portfolio has recovered nicely in the last one month although it’s still below where it was in June. I’m not too concerned about the drop in value though. For my purpose, I’m more concerned with whether the portfolio can continue to throw off monies that would enable to live day-to-day without worrying about whether I have a job or not.

Of course, I’m not there yet but that’s the eventual goal. Two more months before I tally results and it looks like there will be interesting lessons that can be learnt this year.