No. Despite the infrequent updates, I’m not shutting this blog down.

After all, this blog doesn’t serve an audience. It is an outlet with an audience of one- me. Anything that I write that happens to touch someone’s life in some way is just a positive externality.

Recently, I’ve had to say goodbye to a few things- some good, some bad. Mostly a mix of both.

I’ve moved into my own place with the missus and with that, I said goodbye to my room of 20-odd years. A room that I spent the majority of my life (so far) in. I never thought about the room- it was always just a place to rest. As I was growing up, it was a place for studying and then a place for lounging with friends. Then, it became a space that I shared with the person (and a few bears) that I’ve chosen to spend the rest of my life with.

These are now memories.

Also, I’ve had to say goodbye to someone that I ought to have been close to but never was. My grandma passed away quite peacefully. There was always a gap in communication because she spoke a dialect while I never picked it up. Seeing her only once a week while I was a kid and less still as I grew older made it all the more difficult to pick up the language. Having a grandfather and father who both speak english and can act as translators made it even less necessary to pick up the dialect.

She always tried her best though, in all the little actions and the food she cooked.

These are now memories.

There’s a painful adjustment in having to do housework, tying up loose ends with regards to renovation works and being without a person that used to be around but it is necessary in order to move on.

And these will become memories too.