DO NOT follow the people in the following case studies if you want to get ahead in life.

I read this on Limpeh is Foreign Talent’s blog (there’s part 2, 3, 4 and so on…I’ve lost count) and I’m truly amused by this case (the background story is here).

In short, what we have here is a guy, Jerard Lee, who left his former company and decided to go online with a story of how he had  allegedly been bullied at work. Whether this really took place or not is now the subject of a legal suit because his former company and the accused (one Amit Patel) has decided to start legal proceedings.

Jerard ends his account by bringing in how the government here accommodates foreigners with an implicit stance that his story is partly the government’s fault to bear.

If you read Jerard’s story, he comes across as someone who’s griping. It really sounds as if he wanted to vent and to blame someone else for the situation he’s in (no job, young daughter, sole breadwinner). Sorry Jerard, even if your allegations are true, that doesn’t cut any ice with me- You could have a) brought it up with higher management, b) authorities such as MOM or even c) found another job before quitting. Those avenues as far as Jerard’s story goes, doesn’t seem to even have been explored.

As for the fascinating letter of one Ms Chua (story here)…

A lady, Ms Chua, wrote in to the forum page of MyPaper to gripe about how her niece can’t get a job despite graduating with an MBA and therefore the government should do something to help.

Lady, last I checked, unemployment is at an all time low. If her niece can’t secure interviews or get a job, another possibility could be that her niece is lacking either some basic resume writing skills or social skills. Doing a job isn’t all about academic ability; in fact, academic ability has little to do with a majority of jobs out there. In most cases, being able to work with others (and that entails written communication as well- something that is required in resume writing) is a big criteria.

The way Ms Chua portrays her niece reminds of this guy that was in unit during NS. He was a bright chap- from one of the top-ranked Junior Colleges in my time and yet he couldn’t even call one of the 70 odd guys in the unit a friend. Some of the other guys were even downright nasty to him because the world had to revolve around him.

The worst part about both these stories is how they want someone else to blame. One day it’s the foreigners, another it will be the government. And this is precisely why these people will never get ahead. Everyday, someone else is being affected by these same conditions- I have colleagues who are foreigners, I’m subjected to the same government restrictions as anyone else. I’m no scholar. I may have grown up in better than average circumstances but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have to work in order to live.

People need to start trusting in their own abilities to live rather than the world’s to put them down.