I didn’t want to comment further on the Lawrence Khong issue but he just had to come out with this gem of a statement (full statement here, excerpts below):

There is one more step: the enactment of “hate crimes” legislation! These are laws which make it an offence to say anything against homosexualism. This drives the final nail into the coffin of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

This is the end game of the homosexual agenda. Some of you may say: “No, this is not going happen to Singapore.” Think again. Many have said that too about their own nation. We have seen this agenda advance step by step in countries around the world. We must not repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code, because when we do that, we open the door of our nation to unbridled destruction. Our core values will be systematically eroded until homosexuality is elevated as king in our land. Subjects of this king will silence all dissenters and make them submit to a new orthodoxy.

Basically, the gist of his statement was that if section 377A was repealed, all hell would break loose because our kids would be taught that homosexuality is normal and acceptable and that if any religion condemned that, they would be sued and bankrupted. Oh, and society would have gone to hell as well.

Well, I suppose the definition of society having gone to hell is subjective but as with Limpeh’s post (link here), other more open and tolerant societies have pretty much survived, if not flourished. Now, what is the problem with Pastor Khong’s assertions? The problem is that of overestimation.

Just because the LGBT community has become more and more prominent (think people like Alex Au of Yawning Bread fame, Kumar and other more well-known personas) doesn’t mean that the proportion of society being LGBT is growing. In all likelihood, the proportion was the same all along just that as society became more open and tolerant, these people started coming out of the closet.

Proof? A poll in America shows that the percentage of homosexuals in the US is anywhere from 2-10% and that number is relatively stable. Problem is people polled think that this proportion is around 20% of the population. There is a perception-reality mismatch simply because homosexuals may be more apparent in the media or that the vision of two guys holding hands becomes more apparent to the senses already used to seeing a guy and girl holding hands.

So, the dear pastor’s way of thinking is really just stupid- there are other parts of his latest statement that is just stupid as well (like how there is a worldwide political agenda to push the LGBT agenda or that he has many LGBT friends) but none takes the cake like how he spells out the process by which the LGBT community will crush religious freedom.

I say that the movement, if there is any, will crush bigotry just like the civil rights movement in the US decades ago. And if your religion (or rather, your interpretation of your religion) tends to be bigoted, then woe be to you but for the country and society at large, we will be better off because we will have surpassed our innate instinct to stick to views and groups similar to our own.