Sometimes, you just have to believe in It. Call ‘It’ whatever you want- destiny, coincidence or even karma but this week has been a week where beer has taken center-stage in my life.

First off, I tried two bottles of my homebrew. Bottle #17 which I brought over to D’s place and shared with him; and bottle #22 which I finished off myself. Bottle #17 was primed with brown sugar and hops, giving it a caramel-like flavour with a hint of bitterness. Bottle #22 was primed with just normal honey, giving it a nice aftertaste of honey. Both are nice flavours to add to a really light lager, much better than being primed with just carbonation drops. My favourite so far is the lager primed with just brown sugar.

On the investing front, a company whose stocks I have some of sprung to life. That company is Thai Beverage. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting news when I bought a very very tiny bit of Thai Beverage last month. I’d be lying if I said I was smart and visionary enough to bet that Thai Beverage was going to buy that stake in F&N and APB, thereby triggering the news that it has.

All I was looking for was a cheaper brewer than APB that had good cashflows and therefore able to distribute some nice dividends. At that time, the markets had come down a bit and based on my K.I.S.S. macro signal, it was time to go shopping.

Is Thai Beverage going to come out well with their F&N stake? Possibly. For all you know, TCC, through Thai Beverage, was betting that with the purchase, they’d be either getting 1) a stake in a fantastic beer brand like Tiger, a nice portfolio of non-alcoholic drinks and property OR 2) getting chump change from Heineken for APB, getting a non-alcoholic drinks portfolio plus a property development business.

Either way, I’d say, they seem savvy and still have access to a growing beer-drinking population in Indochina.