[Disclaimer: If you read on thinking that I’m going to post something incredibly insightful or gossipy on what’s already been said about the high-profile case, you’re better off trying your luck elsewhere.]

There’s been quite a few high-profile  cases featured in the papers recently, one of which has been the COI’s inquiry into the reason for the pretty severe train disruptions last December. And of course, as they as say- when it rains, it pours. The Circle Line broke down today (link here); and this came on the heels of a train disruption on Monday.

The other case is the court’s hearing of something with more sordid details- namely that some 44 men have been charged with engaging the services of an underaged prostitute. Honestly, I don’t think the case would be attracting as much attention as it has if some of the people on the list of people charged were not high-profile people like a former hotshot banker, member of a well-known family in Singapore or a former principal of a school (link here).

Of course, as it turns out, some people within my Facebook circle of friends have personally been taught by the said principal and this is what one of them had to say:

“I always thought Mr Lee Lip Hong was a dedicated and professional teacher and educator…”

Now, this same person, in a further comment alluded that the principal might not have known that the girl was underaged and hence he would be breaking the law by engaging her services  but that person went on to say that the damning revelation was that this guy was guilty of the act of engagement. [Note: I think the former principal probably knew the girl’s age since he was the only one among the men who didn’t even try to contest the charge or he could be just tired and wants the whole ordeal over as soon as possible]

I can only conclude that this ‘friend’ of mine wanted to ride the moral high horse called ‘Prudish’. Go back and read the quote again.

Now, tell me how the hell is being a dedicated and professional teacher and educator linked to his personal sex life? It’s not like this guy abused his position as a principal and preyed on young hapless students right? If the hallmark of every dedicated and professional teacher is a model of the ideal family man/woman, then holy crap! We would have to fire a lot of teachers.

Those who get divorced along the way, out they go. Hey, who asked them to be dedicated to the point where they neglect their marriage right? Oh yea, since we’re looking for ideal role models, let’s get rid of the old farts and maids who never got married. Singapore’s birth rate is freaking low man, if only these singletons did their part. Oh wait, we need to go above 2.1 as a replacement rate right? Ok, you people with 1 kid and no plans for more are less then. Out you go.

Ok, I think most people would have gotten my drift by now. Teachers, educators no matter how superhuman some of them may seem, are after all only human. Just because this guy some failings in his personal life doesn’t mean he failed in his duties as a teacher.

I’m not saying this because I’m now officially an educator as well. I’m saying this because in the very first introductory class to economics, we already teach students that ‘association is not causation’ and yet stupidity rears its ugly head in so many areas (see here).

Personally, I’m not sure if I should be happy or not since I do experience a small amount of Schadenfreude when I come across things like these but at the same time, it worries me that if adults can’t even see the errors of their logic, how am I going to teach it to 17 year olds?