One of my favourite holdings, Adampak received a privatisation offer at 0.42 cents which senior management has also accepted. Looks like it’ll be difficult for the General Offer (GO) not to go through. =(
I actually stupidly sold some last September based on a too haste decision that Ultrabooks, being the way forward would be detrimental to Adampak’s business which was heavily reliant on the HDD business. Little did I know that they made labels for SSDs too. Thanks to that, I still haven’t got my first 1-bagger.

Thank you Adampak. It was a great run while it lasted.

Wonkish working of returns below:

Cost- 13,395

Dividends collected- 3,052.50

Price sold- (0.245 x 24,000) + (0.42 x 33,000) = 19,740

Total Return: 9,397.50 or 70% over approx. 4 years.