(Edited 17 Jan 12: Realised that I forget to title the post!)

There are analogies and there are analogies. And I’m not sure what point Acting MCYS minister Chan Chun Sing was trying to make when he said this:

“(For example,) you go to Peach Garden, you eat the S$10 XO Sauce chye tow kuay (fried carrot cake), you can be quite happy right? Because you are satisfied with the service and so on. On the other hand, you can go to a hawker centre, even if they charge you S$1.50, you might not want to eat it if the quality is not good.”

This (failed) analogy was actually a follow-up to his point that pay wasn’t a factor in his decision to joining the PAP. To give more context to his comment, read the full thing here.

Anyway, from his analogy, I presume he was trying to justify that there’s many other reasons why Ministers deserve the pay they get besides the work they get done. (I wouldn’t have used ‘good service’ as an example though. Not sure if many people are going to agree that the previous/current crop of ministers even delivered 100% on their basic jobs much less with a smile.)

Anyhow, anyone wanna ask Chan Chun Sing why he didn’t compare Ministers to Hawker legends that provide super yummy Chye Tow Kuay that everyone can both afford and would queue/wait for? And if they presently fail to make the cut, couldn’t they aspire to be that kind of Chye Tow Kuay seller? Cannot be “Cheaper and Betterer” as Lim Swee Say said meh?

And contrast with what Chen Show Mao said in Parliament.

Looks like Prof Mak’s commentary in today’s issue of Today rings true.

At the same time, I don’t agree with the acting Minister’s last statement either. He said:

“We’ll find creative ways to make sure we help them, together with the community groups and other private organisations – working as a team. I’m confident that if we work as a team, between the government, the private sector and the people sector, we should have the resources to take care of our people comprehensively.”

Why does it have to be creative? Can’t his ministry just be effective?