I read this piece today by Michael Hyatt. In it, Mr Hyatt talks about how some opposing character traits of him and his wife make their marriage stronger. I strongly urge you to read it and then reflect on your own lives.

Contemplating on this piece as I broke some sweat on my once-in-a-blue-moon night runs, I can only conclude that there’s some truth to his piece. While Melly and I have not done any personality tests or the likes to bring at least some sort of scientific validity to the matter, I can think of a few ways in which our relationship have improved my life:

Motivation: I am usually good at initiating ideas but terrible at completion if left to my own device. Fortunately for me that’s where Melly comes in. Case in point. Today I encountered some difficulties while making payments online for a document I needed to collect today. While I knew that there was another option to try before completely giving up, I chose not to pursue it because I was tired, unmotivated and figured that I could always collect it another day. Fortunately, Melly made me take that option (I can sense the insistence in her voice when she knows that I’m taking the soft option) and it worked and the rest as they say, is history.

Optimism: I am an optimist by nature. Things will never be as bad as they seem and somehow, someway behind every cloud is a silver lining that shows the way. In some way, my life has been a testament to that which is the perfect counter to every pessimist. This is where I come in useful because Melly, being the diligent individual that she is, will envision scenarios to avoid. Unfortunately, the future is unknown (otherwise, we’ll all be gazillionaires) and therefore all projections about the future can only be stated in probabilistic terms. The downside is that being unhappy over things that haven’t happened or may not even happen (no matter how likely it seems) has bearing on the present- they affect your health and relationships with those around you. So as much as she can’t prevent herself from worrying, I am there to always provide an optimistic viewpoint to stop negative thoughts from feeding off themselves.

These are just some aspects of how we make each other’s lives better and which is why 5 May 2012 will be the start of a very exciting life ahead.