More words of wisdom from my favourite Personal Finance/Investment practicioner (Joshua Kennon; Finding the Love of Your Life (or Cold Lamb Sandwiches) ):

How do you know you’ve met the love of your life?  If you have, you don’t need this list. If you haven’t, there are four signs:

  • No matter where you are, as long as you are with them, you feel like you are home.
  • If you lost everything – your house, job, savings, investments, reputation, career, credentials, family, friends, and pets – but you still had them on your side, you know deep down that it will be alright.
  • You care as much, if not more, about their happiness and contentment as you do your own.
  • He or she feels the same way about you.

Exactly the reasons why I’m getting married in some 4+ months time.