Better a better person - Stop Complaining!

Honestly, it’s news like this that makes one feel a little sad for some of my fellow Singaporeans.

Hike MRT and Bus fares- some people complain.

COE prices jump- some people complain

ComfortDelGro decides to change taxi fare structure- some people also complain. Case in point? Ms Lee from the above linked article:

Some, like marketing manager Jocelyn Lee, felt that there was no justification for the changes.

‘Nobody wants to spend so much money on taxis if they had a better alternative. Demand will remain the same, just that everyone will end up paying more,’ she said.

Miss Lee, 26, who lives in Sembawang, takes a taxi to work in Paya Lebar because a trip on public transport takes 11/2 hours while a taxi ride takes 25 minutes.

She pays about $20 every day, including a $5.20 advance booking fee because she is unable to flag down a cab in the morning.

The newspapers make it sound like we’re all going to start walking or biking. Honestly, I don’t understand what the deal is. We live in a society that’s free enough so that we can choose how we want to commute. I can empathise with people who have no other choice (from a financial point of view) than to take the bus or mrt but when people complain about how COEs and Taxi fares have gone up, I think it’s madness.

If you feel COEs are high, don’t purchase a car! I know the pain of paying for COE, luckily I bought mine when it was only 4 digits long which is also the only reason I bought a car. Where COE prices are now, I wouldn’t change my car or buy another one. If you’re rich enough to commute by Taxi and if you feel the revised rates are high too, then stop taking (or reduce) the taxi trips taken (or one could not take a ComfortDelGro one); Or take a bus, the MRT or Bike. Sure adjustments might have to be made but that’s a personal choice- save time or save money on travelling.

Another method for the truly savvy would be to invest in your pet peeve. MRT and Bus companies hike fares? Buy SMRT and SBS Transit then! Shares of both companies are listed on the SGX. That way, whenever they raise prices, you can smile as a shareholder that it’s likely more dividends will be distributed  are higher as well (or the dividends will be maintained). You hate ComfortDelGro for raising taxi fares? Go buy ComfortDelGro stock then! Feel the pain as a commuter but the feel the joy of a shareholder.

Honestly, complaining doesn’t help. Being defeatist about it and blaming someone else for your problems isn’t going to help either.

Don’t be a Miss Lee.

Caveat: Buy at any stock at terrible valuations and it’s most likely you’ll be in for double the pain.