For those that don’t already know, Singapore is multi-racial country (some say we’re even becoming multi-national), therefore, when the topic of religion is broached (which is closely linked to race), the issue is always a touchy one. You can bet that any news on inter-faith exchanges or harmony will be warmly received while anything remotely disparaging will be quickly damned.

And this is what some fool called Jason Neo quickly found out when he posted this. So why do I call Jason Neo a fool? Because not only did he post the offending pic, he tried explaining himself even after some friends posted negative comments; and he didn’t take it down until much later (see here).

On the other hand of the spectrum, we have Ravi Philemon complaining about under-radar racism in an ad to promote better toilet hygiene (see here) The Geylang Serai rojak incident was obviously the inspiration for the ad (even though it appears from Ravi’s news source that fecal bacteria wasn’t the caus; rats were), I don’t think the World Toilet Organisation meant any ill will towards Indians here. Also, in the event that someone without knowledge of the incident saw the clip, what would he take it as? Just another story cooked up by some ad agency right? Otherwise, we would all believe that Red Bull gives us wings too.

Methinks some people are too insensitive while others fall at the other end of the spectrum. Can’t we focus on intent everybody?