No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher. Teacher say, student do. - Mr Miyagi, from The Karate Kid

I came across this post by Adam Khoo while searching for another post that I got in my email that supposedly comes from his as well. It was the following paragraphs that really reached out to me:

I also believe that our children learn to treat us by observing the way we treat OUR OWN parents. If we shout at our parents, disrespect them and don’t bother to visit them, our children will do the same things to US when we grow old. It is a kind of ‘Karma’ that comes full circle.

And this post got me thinking, what kind of kids do I want in the future?

I’ve decided, I want Kids that:

1) Are able to Think and Act critically and independantly. This means not taking what they hear and see as gospel truth. They should examine the evidence and the logic behind each and every assertion that someone makes and be able to differentiate between truth, half-truths and myths. They should be able to draw from a wide range of experiences and readings in order to help them come to the most logical conclusion.

2) Have compassion, love and kindness for all living beings, big and small. Living in a world of 6 billion (and counting) people means acknowledging that even among just one species, many differences exist. All points of view should therefore be counted and acknowledged. If getting richer comes at some other being’s direct expense, we should slow down and think again. If the benefits to all parties outweigh the costs, we shouldn’t hesistate.

3) Have a sense of humour and an unwavering spirit (filled with zest, grit, self-control, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism and curiosity) that’s big enough to triumph all feelings of anger, sadness, hate and despair that external factors may try to inflict upon them. Life will throw many curveballs. We cannot tell Life to stop throwing curveballs, therefore, the only thing we can do is to change how we deal with them. No doubt, the natural reaction might be one of anger, hate, sadness or despair but why should we continue to feed negative emotions and let them fester?

In light of the above, I honestly say that I’m far from achieving any of the three conditions set above. However, I think I know have the impetus to seek perfection.