PM Lee must be going, “Gimme a break!”

Unfortunately the only break we’re getting is a Labour Day break in the US which means Markets are closed.

Tony Tan’s very recent win at the PE must have been taken as a sign that things were turning around Who would have guessed? As if the loss of Aljunied GRC (helped by former MM Lee no less. Btw, ever wondered why the Straits Times still labels him ‘Former Minister Mentor’ when a ‘Mr.’ will suffice?), the introduction of Tin Pei Ling which must have caused SM Emeritus Goh (another pompous title) sleepless nights and ex-Minister for National Development’s Mah Bow Tan’s ineffective housing policies, Wikileaks send a whole bunch of skeletons out in the open.

– Diary of a Singaporean Mind (here, more here)

– Under the Willow Tree (on the way corporates are run in SG)

– Mr Brown (on the mentions he gets in Wikileaks)

– ChannelNewsAsia (on damage control 1 , 2)

Keep following as the online community undoubtedly sift out more.

Note: The cables are a written account of what transpired according to whomever wrote the report. There is a very high possibility that some things were taken out of context, someone was misquoted or misunderstood etc.

In cases like the cable on FMM (keke, I get a kick out of highlighting the title) Lee where he purportedly said something not-so-nice about Islam, it’s really a case of ‘I said, you said’ since one side can claim he said such a thing whereas he can claim that it’s not in the minutes (which undoubtedly have been recorded and vetted by someone present during the meeting). It’s probably impossible to say what really transpired. Cases like Minister Yaacob’s is much easier- he could always present the certificate of citizenship which has a date and stamp on it.

If netizens want to be taken as a credible source of analysis and reporting, it would help if everyone blog responsibly.