MG (NS) Chan Chun Sing, the newly appointed Acting Minister for MCYS has outdone himself. In a dialogue organised by the PAP youth wing, he spoke and answered questions on a variety of issues. (Full article here) However, the key bits causing controversy (in the comments section of the linked article at least) are as follows:

He urged the 100-odd young people present to ask themselves whether their ideas could move the country forward, rather than just “throw stones, cast doubt and tear down institutions”, reported the paper.

Instances of youth energies being ill-utilised during the General Election saddened him, said the 42-year-old.

He repeated often his conviction that young people must ask less what the government can do for them and more what they can do for themselves, reported ST.

Asked why Singapore cannot have a welfare system like in Australia, he replied, “We can. But are you willing to pay for it?”

He later told reporters he did not want to give the participants any solutions but to “work through the solutions with them so everybody understands the choices, the consequences the trade-offs”.

In my opinion, MG (NS) Chan has outdone Vivian Balakrishnan. When the good Doctor was asked if he could extend more aid to financially needy citizens, his response, albeit being undiplomatic, suggested his inability to do so. MG Chan in this instance has gone one better and asked taxpayers and citizens to help him do his job.

My suggestion to the good Acting Minister is to take a leaf from the post that, ironically, was just prior to the news on him (Meet Singapore’s ‘Mother Teresa’. link here); That is what being caring truly means; instead of just taking up a political position that just smacks of furthering one’s own interests.

PS: I found a superbly written post echoing my thoughts. (link here)