I confess. I’m an escapist.

Ever since young, I’ve subscribed to the flee rather than fight option when it comes to dealing with stressors. Especially in situations such my current one (studying for the CFA level 2 exam), I’m tempted to take that option. Of course, we all know that the ‘flee’ option, while useful in the plains of Africa when confronted with a hungry lion, is not always the best option especially in the real world like the one we’re in.

My strategy with that right now, is to keep the windows of stress as short as possible and during periods of respite, try to seek inspiration. And as wise, old ones say, “Seek and ye shall find.”

This is what I found:
Now, I’ve heard of Dr Jill Bolte Taylor’s story before (actually, I read the sypnopsis of her book in the local borders) but never picked it up. Having witnessed her TED talk, this is going on my reading list when I’m done with the CFA exam this year.