Come right in~ Come right in~ A fool and his money are soon parted.

I just read about this story in today’s copy of The New Paper.

The story, while anecdotal, highlights the kind of problems that people with gambling addiction face and while the presence of Casinos may or may not be the real factor (I say this because on one hand, it’s true that the lady is addicted to the casino; on the other,  it’s not entirely certain whether this lady would not be hooked without the presence of the casinos. She could be hooked on some other form of gambling. But I digress.), it’s clear that this lady needs help. Looks like the casinos were the government’s idea of job creation for social workers.

Anyway, I’m pretty certain that if people were more financially literate, they wouldn’t be throwing money down the drain for the pursuit of mindless, fleeting fun. While I blame the environment partly for offering such terribly low returns on savings, there also is the onus on each individual to get himself/herself educated on getting better returns on their savings.

Of course, that’s easier said than done but that also gives me conviction that I should get started on a series of posts introducing people to a smarter way of looking at their finances and the options available to them in the way a layman without any conflict of interest would.

Stay tuned.